My New Movie Is Called QATAR HERO

20 Dec

To be fair, I’m not sure that the whole set-piece at the end with the Hired Killers is gonna fly, but I think it will sell big.

This is Gen. Yahmet Salah of LIBYA who was among the Five Top Generals who Defected from Muammar AL-Qaddafi’s Regime since Mid-February 2011.
I have a business transaction for you which consist of twenty two Million United State Dollars ($22,000,000.00)USD which was part of the hidden funds of Late President Muammar AL-Qaddafi, which he put inside two digital consignment trunk boxes and asked me to ship the boxes to A Security Company in United Kingdom for safe keeping and he has made Every Financial institution’s paralyzed in the country at the moment, but he always use this method to move the funds out of Libya.
He told me to have the boxes deposited with my name and also tell the Director of the Security Company that the Boxes contains my Precious Family Belongings instead of money.
so in that way they will not  know that he is the owner of the boxes and they will not  know the  content of the deposited boxes,he ask me to use the name of his late son who also died along with him as the next of Kin to the boxes,which I refused,instead I put the name of my son as the next of Kin to the boxes without his notice on the  5th of January 2011,I have the whole rightful and Legal Documents of the deposited boxes here with me in the Hospital.
On the 15th of February Muammar AL-Qaddafi called me on phone and ask me to come to his office with the documents of the deposited boxes in the next 1hr.I did not know that he has already sent his Hired Killers to have me killed and get the briefcase which contain the whole documents of the boxes to him,so in that way nobody will know about the deposited boxes except him and his late evil son,Gaddafi always smuggles money from the country with the help of consignment boxes claiming to be containing precious family belongings and having them deposited with Security Companies all over the world,there are thousands of Qaddafi’s Consignment boxes containing large amount of funds which I don’t know where they are,except this two consignment boxes which I deposited with the Security Company by my self.
As Allah was on my side I called my driver to take me to the Mosque to pray before going to the president office,on my way driving out they killed my driver and also shoot me three times which I escaped with the bullet injuries on the left side of my chest and my spinal cord got broken,I survived with the help of Allah and now am on a wheel chair here in UNITED STATE OF AMERICA waiting for my heart surgery operation here in the Hospital.
The Hired Killers went inside my house to look for the documents which I have hidden very far from my house as usual,they didn’t find the documents,so they killed my wife and my only son and left the premises.
I have been on  exile treatment waiting for the punishment of Allah to fall on Muammar AL-Qaddafi, which has finally come and he died with his evil son,now that am here in the hospital can you help me to claim the boxes from the security company? if NO, please don’t reply,if yes, I will have 60% of the total funds, while you have %40 of the total funds,if agreed kindly E-mail me on.( with your full details such as ;Full name,age,country of origin, private mobile telephone number and your nearest airport.
If you decide to positively help me,i will send you the information on how the boxes can be claimed from the Security Company, and i will also send you the documents of the deposited boxes.
Gen. Yahmet Salah.

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