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The Day Before The Day Before

28 May

I almost never post here anymore, but I couldn’t figure out any other way to talk about what is happening. But to understand what is about to happen we have to go back, to what happened. To the beginning.

So I’m four months pregnant. Ben and I are strolling through New York sometime around Thanksgiving and we’re realizing all the stuff that is going to change when and if this baby actually comes out (we had some almosts… another story/another time.) And Ben is feeling a little down because he thought he’d make his first feature before he had a kid. He won all these awards and then didn’t make a feature and now it will be harder or impossible because a baby is hard or impossible. We think. We don’t know. We’re fretting and worrying and we decide, almost without considering any other options that we will cobble together some of our money and investor money and a cast we know and Ben will go to Chicago and make a micro-budget indie. We just decide. We never decided to get married like this. We never decided to have a baby. I don’t even know if we decided to kiss for the first time as easily as we decided to make a movie. For almost nothing. This is what that looks like:

2012-04-09 20.21.11

I know.. so glamorous. So off Ben goes to Chicago while I’m about 7 months pregnant, working full time on Bunheads and taking care of our dogs and our house and looking for a new house which we think we might get and talking to Ben who is working impossible hours with no money while living in his investors house. He comes home and we have a baby and move into a new house and he starts editing it because nobody else can and we spend three years trying to finish it. Hoping we will know when.

2012-04-20 20.37.27

And this is how it always goes. This is how it always will go. We will, for the next three years, work harder on this than on almost anything else. We’ll fight about it and cry about it and worry and put more money in and do an Indiegogo campaign and have a baby and buy a house and get jobs and lose jobs and fight and be in love and then we have this movie.

This beautiful, weird, lovely, sweet and funny movie. 87 minutes of it. Ready to show to a few hundred people on Saturday.

Our movie has no stars. Nobody you know is in it, though you may recognize a few faces, nobody is likely to get papped during our premiere on Saturday. We are working professionals in TV, everyone in the movie is an artist with a day job. Like us. So this is the last hurdle. Can our story, Ben’s script, his vision, the performances, the music, can any of it get through the white noise of celebrity driven indie films?

I don’t know. We grew up wanting to be Todd Haynes, Hal Hartley, Susan Seidelman. This movie is very much a part of that DNA. Movies without stars are hard. When you see Brad Pitt you know what you’re supposed to think of a character already. You have a shorthand and a relationship with great actors, hell with any actor who you know before you watch a movie.

I wish I had some great lesson to share with you, right now. Instead I only have the truth. It is possible that even though this movie is good and strong and beautifully made, that we will end up without a distributor and have to spend a year self-distributing it. That we will never hand this baton off to someone else. It is possible we don’t want to (we do.) These movies aren’t made for the industrial machinery of Hollywood distribution and every time a movie pierces through the veil it leaves behind a thousand brothers and sister movies, some just as good, and nobody knows why.

If you’d like to come see the other three year old living in our house, join us Saturday at Dances With Films. And come say hi afterwards.

This baby is going with us on our next adventure:

2015-05-22 18.31.25

Do A Better Job On The Wings…

15 Jun

A video of Kubrick being awesome accepting the DGA Griffith Award.   Good words to remember when taking on acts of folly like making movies.


I’ve compared Griffith’s career to the Icarus myth, but at the same time I have never been certain whether the moral of the Icarus story should only be, as is generally accepted, ‘don’t try to fly too high,’ or whether it might also be thought of as ‘forget the wax and feathers, and do a better job on the wings.’

Made for $20 and way better than that last Indiana Jones movie

18 Feb


Things I Need To Know From The SAG Awards

26 Jan

Why does Tina Fey hate her breasts so much?  Why does she put them in that horrible smushing breast thing?  I love her.  I love her breasts.  She should do the same.  Love them, Tina.  Love them.

Why isn’t Justin Kirk famous?  He should be seriously famous.  Hugely famous.  Crazy famous.


Why can’t Christina Hendricks just rule fashion?


What is up with the one shoulder dresses and how can I make it stop?  I really frigging hate the way it looks.

Part of it is I just don’t like Laura Linney enough.

Also, if you’re going to lose to someone, lose to Meryl Streep in yoga pants and a shrug she kept after being a bridesmaid in 1992, running through the audience like someone just told her she was the next contestant on The Price Is Right and then just rambling for 20 minutes.

This is WikiCool

20 Mar

Over on John August’s self titled site he has put together something called a JaWiki which, in human words is a site that defines and describes, in clear, catalogue fashion, the terms you might/should know if you are going to attempt to conquer this business we call show.

So if you head over to “Gurus and Theories” you have Aristotle, Syd Field, and freaking Egri, who for me is the one that keeps me in the right writing head-space.

And if I sound a little crazed with excitement you could chalk it up to the super strong coffee I brewed in my new/vintage percolator.  Or you could see a little deeper and realize that this kind of information is why the internet rewards those who read.  And that writing, while certainly something you can claim you do, is an artform that requires technical know-how.  Seeing movies does not adequately prepare you for writing movies.  But you can save yourself a lot of money if you read these great works.